Today was the first time I went to the “反核四,五六 (No Nukes)” event. I had joined the 309 NO Nuclear Protest in 2013 but always had so many excuses that makes me never be at the 自由廣場 (Liberty Square) once. It’s kind of a shame in my mind. Finally these few days I made up my mind and went with Infong. It’s a great night with great people and great power there, although everything is actually really serious there. We should open our mind to think and to do what we believe. The future is not far away. It’s always just beside you and me.



2014 TiBE & Crystal Boys



I didn’t go to the Taipei International Book Exhibition (TiBE) for a few years. Today was a kind of accident Infong and I went to the exhibition for about half and an hour and I bought four books. It’s really nice that I still find books I want to read and have money to but them.

The other great thing this weekend was I luckily got the ticket of 孽子 (Crystal Boy), the theater version of 白先勇’s representative work and also a big production of TIFA (Taiwan International Festival of Arts) this year. The performance is not bad and below is how I put my thoughts into words (in Chinese) that night.

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To treat the Vasculitis, doctor gave me the order of using this cortisol ointment twice a day. There are some rare side effects if using it for a long time so the instruction is pretty long. It’s quite strange for me to read a lot under this interesting circumstances.

To conquer.


 Yesterday I posted one sentence to remind myself to do more on Facebook. Then I got a great quote of Julius Caesar from a friend. It’s always nice to share things and have some feedbacks.

RPA and The United Nations of Sounds & Embrace


Live music couldn’t really climb out from the CDs or YouTube. But it’s still very important to buy the albums for supporting the music industry. If you could get a ticket to the show, that’s even better.


Work and CD FEVER


This is the 3rd week of 2014 on my weekly planner. Also it’s the 5th week after I was on board in the Greenray Theater. As you could see the working load has become heavier and the schedule of this week is pretty tight. But I just had had a good weekend. Infong and I bought a lot of CDs on sale at the Eslite Music store. Embrace was one of my favorite Britpop bands few years ago. Of course I didn’t miss the 2012 live of Coldplay. They are always the greatest band. And finally, Richard Ashcroft, who is so famous because of being the lead vocalist of The Verve but I only knew him this few weeks and couldn’t help but fall in love with his sexy voice.