Art Yard


Besides being at the protest yesterday, Twatutia (大稻埕) was the other place we went. Just across the cloth market, there is the famous and old Watson’s. And there it is, the Art Yard I’ve heard for about two months. Art Yard includes four shops within it, Bookstore 1920s, Studio in Blooom, Luguo Café and Thinker’s Theater. As walking through blocks in Twatutia, I could really feel the glorious and ancient Taipei was trying to say something. Those story should be pretty fantastic and worth to know more.

昨天除了參加反核外,還去了趟永樂市場買布,太久沒有踏進大稻埕,時空區域感都不見了。意外地,在市場對街遇見了「屈臣氏大藥房」李氏家屋,而我聽聞已久的『小藝埕』便坐落於此,一樓是「Bookstore 1920s」及「印花樂」,二樓是「爐鍋咖啡」,三樓則是「思劇場」;走進店裡,好好感受了一番。雨天,漫步在大稻埕,週邊的一切彷彿就正低訴著過往繁華台北。我想,改天是該好好研究一下屬於這裡的故事了。


308 NO Nuclear Protest



Nothing more to say. To against nukes, be there!!


KANO & Yo La Tengo


After one week ‘KANO’ is in the theater, I got my break and chance to see it today. It’s a bit difficult for me to judge whether ‘KANO’ is a good or bad movie on a certain level. But I must say I am moved and impressed by the story very very much. Director Wei Te-Sheng (魏德聖) does love to tell story about those who seems like nobody but actually means a lot to a certain groups of people or part of the history. They were heroes inspiring our mind.

To put the CD cover of Yo La Tengo  is only for reminding what I listened this week and what I did tonight. Infong has loved to go to a record store called White Wabbit Record this year. We spent almost two hours there tonight and listened different types of music, from Indie to Industrial to Experimental (I guessed). It’s not that bad to have a date like this, at least I bought a vinyl of my recently loving band —  Silver Mt. Zion — Born Into Trouble As The Sparks Fly Upward. As I don’t have one turntable at home, my very first time to enjoy it will be someday at Infong’s place…


另外,放上了Yo La Tengo的CD封面,單純是為了今晚以及本週在聽的音樂留個紀錄。陳先生這年來愛上一間唱片行 (或者說音樂廠牌應該更正確一點),叫做「小白兔」;因此今晚在飽餐之後,在店裡一待就是快兩個小時,店員一張唱片換過一張唱片,各種類型可能都輪過了,約莫是包含了獨立搖滾(Indie Rock)、工業搖滾(Industrial Rock)和實驗音樂(Experimntal Rock),個人我音樂知識很淺、分類很弱,而且樂團名字幾乎都記不得,單純的聽著看喜不喜歡,時間也是一眨眼就過了。好吧,也不是聽起來那麼無趣的約會,今天晚上下手買了最近愛團「錫安山」的黑膠,挺開心的,只是沒有黑膠唱盤的我,開箱的第一聽大概要等到哪天又有機會去陳先生家走走的時候了…



This week I got four-day-off in eight days. Actually it’s really a lot but also there was so many things happening on this Wednesday. On and off and on-off, it’s how I feel this week. I guess trying to find the new balance of the new working pattern  is my life homework now.

Anyway, two nights ago I felt so blank without any reason, therefore I just follow my mind and put some colors on the planner. If I should name my drawing this time, ‘Spontaneous’ will be the choice. Let’s make the colorful lines find their way and go or conflict with each others.