Saving Mr. Banks & August: Osage County


These two names are not related at all. I put them together just because they were part of my life today. Ella and I met at a famous Hong Kong restaurant at East Area for lunch. It’s really joyful that we could meet and talk in Taipei after leaving Göttingen. What’t more important is that we are somehow still connected and could support each other’s dream. Thank you for being with me while I had to put some DMs of our theater’s new play — August: Osage County, to Eslite bookstores today. It’s soooo nice to see you today, my dear, Ella.

To recall this day, I actually had a lot of talks with old friends. I went back to Ogilvy for a short stop and had some conversations, both inspiring and boring ones. It’s still a place fulled with super brilliant ideas and suck things. Then Kelly and I finally got another chance to watch a movie together on a regular day. ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ is an introspective movie which made two excellent actors, Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks, telling a legendary but also simple sad story. I think there will be some more to think about few days later but let’s call it a day now.


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