My HTC Incredible S


I knew that it’s very stupid to scan the mobile but just wanted to make a record. These few days thanks for this old smart phone, HTC Incredible S S710e, which made our actors/actresses could get on a famous TV show. It’s probably the first time I typed so many words through WhatsApp after having a smart phone… I love you, my phone!!

把手機掃描真的超蠢的,不過實在是想為了我的老舊HTC Incredible S做個紀錄。最近這幾天感謝有它,所以成功地敲成了型男大主廚的通告,喜悅無法言喻;而這大概也是我擁有智慧型手機以來,第一次用WhatsApp傳了這麼多這麼多的訊息啊…我愛你,親愛的HTC手機!


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