365 Days: My favorite

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.



The longest I’ve been apart from Infong would be 333 days. It started from September 11, 2010 in Taiwan to August 10, 2011 in Germany. I was studying Neuroscience in Göttingen that time. Before leaving my hometown Taipei and him, we met at the Taipei Train Station and saw the “Step Up: Revolution”. Infong gave me two books as present and I cried while seeing him from the bus.

Everything is at a critical point.  We just had had serious fight and gradually turned into a new way to be together but at the same time we were going to have long distance relationship. No one knows what would happen next and what exactly we should do with it.

Anyway, we get through it and become even closer. I did cut down some party opportunities for chatting on Skype but still enjoyed plenty of free time hanging out with friends or traveling alone. He also sacrifice his on-line game and sleeping time to simply wait for me. I believe that he also had had some special moments on his own and become a better man.

Although it’s not easy, I am really grateful of this period when looking back now. Both of us learned to search inside ourselves in different ways. Luckily we are somehow still at the same page and love each other.


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