To treat the Vasculitis, doctor gave me the order of using this cortisol ointment twice a day. There are some rare side effects if using it for a long time so the instruction is pretty long. It’s quite strange for me to read a lot under this interesting circumstances.


To conquer.


 Yesterday I posted one sentence to remind myself to do more on Facebook. Then I got a great quote of Julius Caesar from a friend. It’s always nice to share things and have some feedbacks.

RPA and The United Nations of Sounds & Embrace


Live music couldn’t really climb out from the CDs or YouTube. But it’s still very important to buy the albums for supporting the music industry. If you could get a ticket to the show, that’s even better.


Work and CD FEVER


This is the 3rd week of 2014 on my weekly planner. Also it’s the 5th week after I was on board in the Greenray Theater. As you could see the working load has become heavier and the schedule of this week is pretty tight. But I just had had a good weekend. Infong and I bought a lot of CDs on sale at the Eslite Music store. Embrace was one of my favorite Britpop bands few years ago. Of course I didn’t miss the 2012 live of Coldplay. They are always the greatest band. And finally, Richard Ashcroft, who is so famous because of being the lead vocalist of The Verve but I only knew him this few weeks and couldn’t help but fall in love with his sexy voice.